Bree: “You don’t have to wash those. I already did them.”
Orson: “Oh, I found some streaks. So, I’m wiping them down with undiluted red wine vinegar.”
Bree: “I’ve never heard of that.”
Orson: “Oh, sure. And for tougher spots I use a fifty-fifty mix of denatured alcohol and water. And for those really intractable stains, I mean, we’re talking shower doors, I wipe on laquer thinner with a towel.”
Bree is breathing heavily and staring at Orson.
Orson: “Bree?”
Bree grabs Orson and kisses him passionately. She drags him into the bedroom. The kitchen faucet is still on.

streak_orson.jpgAs much as I love the beauty and simplicity glass, I hate how hard it is to clean it. Its like you have to go an extra mile to ensure that there are no streaks! Since we don’t own wineglasses at home, I can’t really try what Orson recommends. I certainly will if we ever do buy a set! I’m not sure if his suggestions can be applied to glass windows, mirrors, and tabletops. But, I already know a method of cleaning glass without streaks. It certainly won’t make your significant other horny but it will definitely get rid of your streaks! The secret is in two components, newspaper and vinegar.

Newspaper – More Then Current Events

streak_newspaper.jpgRule #1: Don’t ever wipe glass with a rag. Have you ever noticed the guys who clean windows on corporate office buildings. If you look closely, you see that they do not use rags. Some use
hand-held wipers, others use special disposable towels, and the frugal ones use ordinary newspaper. Rags spread dirt picked up from the last usage. Plain “Bounty-type” paper towels leave tiny, annoying, little “lint hairs” everywhere. Both show lots of streaks. But for some reason, newspapers do not leave any dirt, hair, or ink at all!

Vinegar – Much More Than Your Typical Old Wives Tale

They say, “Mother always knows best.” As much as I hate to admit it, she really does. When we were young our mom would make us clean the windows with a cocktail of store-bought glass cleaner and vinegar. To this day, I hate the smell of vinegar. But, I have to admit that this necessary evil works. I never see any streaks when I clean with this concoction. Plain Windex will work fine. Just pour a fourth of the glass cleaner out and replace the volume white kitchen vinegar.

Like I said, something spectacular like spontaneous sex will not occur when you use this combo of old newspapers and vinegar. But, I guarantee that you’ll have an easier time cleaning your house. Comment on your results or if you have any additional suggestions.

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18 Responses to “Secret to Streak-free Glass Cleaning for Windows, Mirrors, and Other Surfaces”

  1. Tohru Says:

    I like to use coffee filters, it works wonderful paired with your vinegar/glass cleaner solution.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I tried this and I can not get it to work! No matter how many times I clean my windows and what I use, I cant get the streaks out…its driving me crazy help please!!

  3. ellen Says:


    did you have painting done recently? Sometimes the paint dust gets on the window, and when you clean it, no matter what you use, the paint dust just mixes with the cleanser and leaves streaks, you just have to clean over and over till it’s gone.

  4. bryan pinkham Says:

    I have the best way to get streak free glass & mirrors. (really!) It’s call the KB Wonder cloth. It uses only water to clean with (cleans better than glass cleaner) and it dries streak free. You dont have to spray the glass and you dont have to dry the glass. You just wet the cloth, wring it out and wipe, it’s that simple, and it works fantastic. The web site gives a (no risk) money back gurantee.

  5. Melissa Cooper Says:

    Vinegar and water work great but leave streaks- if you have previously used a regular commercial glass cleaner. Add a tablespoon or two of dish soap to your spray bottle of vinegar and water. It eliminates the coating of chemicals that commercial window cleaner leaves behind. No streaks, I swear- and it will smell ALOT better.

  6. Anne Stephanie Cruz Says:


    I’m Steph Cruz, one of your blog followers. I work for it’s a site dedicated to giving information and advice to people who are thinking about launching their own cleaning business.

    Anyhow, I sent you this email to ask if you would consider having me write a guest post on your blog. It can just be a short article about cleaning, housekeeping, household cleaning tips, window washing – or really anything that you might find interesting.
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    Sincerely Yours,

    Anne Stephanie Cruz

  7. Kathy Says:

    Wow….tried the windex mixed with vinegar(about 50/50)…used Bounty paper towels because I had no newspaper…it worked amazingly well!! No streaks!!! Thank you!!!

  8. Elle Bee Says:

    I switched from using expensive Windex ($4.59+ per 32 oz) to windshield wiper fluid ($1.99 for 64 oz at the automotive store) about 3 years ago. Following the advice above, I added 50/50 windshield wiper fluid and vinegar and WOW what an amazing difference! I used paper towels and while not 100% streak free it was close to 90% and a vast improvement over where they were before! My next run will be with newspaper and I’m sure I’ll be at 100% streak-free! Great Household cleaning tip! Thank you very much!

  9. Rachel Says:

    The best advice! Newspaper, windex and vinegar. I actually used less vinegar and more windex because I’m not a fan of vinegar odor. Still worked perfectly!

  10. Janet Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have ended years of frustration with this tip, and changed my window washing routine for ever. And just in time – my mother is coming to town!

  11. Sara Says:

    AMAZING!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  12. Irina Says:

    another great tip if you ever to use paper towels to clean your glass make sure to dispose of the very first two sheets. There is a good amount of glue on them that hold the roll together and this will smear your glass bad time.

  13. Raggedy-Anne Says:

    The newspaper thing really works! I find it easier, though–when cleaning mirrors and glass–after you scrunch up the newspaper first. then slightly straighten it back up, and THEN start cleaning. why? because it creates volume (like a sponge) and it is much easier to hold.

  14. ddurdevic Says:

    two cotton pillow cases….spray your cleaner on the mirror, wipe down with one pillow case and dry with the other….voila…streak proof mirrors

  15. australian househusband Says:

    Just a quick criticism, don’t use newspaper. The ink has changed and the new ink now actually increases streaks and the ink will get on your glass, it used to have something in the ink that was wonderful to help clean glass but with that changed the old newspaper trick no longer applies

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