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Written on January 23rd, 2006 by blogger
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Last semester, when I was living with my brother, I usually cleaned the house. I didn’t mind it that much. But, there was one thing that I really hated: the vacuum.

Now, I’ve had bad experiences with vacuums in my past. It seems that everywhere I’ve ever lived, be it at home, at boarding school, at my highschool’s work/study program, or at college, I’ve always had to use crappy vacuums, vacuums that wouldn’t pick up anything! The one I used in my brother’s house was no exception to this trend.

VacuumWhen my sister visited us for the holidays, she started to get sick and blamed it on the allergens in the carpet. She discussed the situation with my mom and we decided that it was high time to give my brother a new vacuum. No, no! Not just any vacuum, one that actually worked! I’ve always dreamed night and day (well, not actually) of owning a bag-less vacuum. They look so high tech, modern, and efficient. So, that was my aim. We went to Wal-Mart to see their offerings. I wasn’t too impressed. So, we went to Big Lots and found the one.

It was a Dirt Devil bag-less vacuum. We bought it and tried it out. Boy, did we have a heyday with that thing! We nearly vacuumed the entire house! And what we found was amazing! Let me tell you, the container was nearly half-full with filth! It’s disgusting to think that I’ve been living with that for such a long time!

Importance of a Good Vacuum

I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird. But, many people I know don’t have “good” vacuums. After that experience, it dawned on to me how important it is to have one that works half-decently. It’s unhealthy for you and your family to live in an environment with dirt trapped in the floor and slowly concentrating the air with filth.

Spinning Brush

Last time I checked, vacuums were supposed to have a constantly spinning brush as well as the air suction in order to properly clean carpets. For some reason, most of the vacuums that I’ve used did not have that spinning action. It is important that if your vacuum does not have a spinning brush at the base, you get it fixed or get a new vacuum. Most of the time, it is fairly easy to fix it. Just clean out all of the stringy things in the brush while the vacuum cleaner is off. Clean especially on the sides, as it is usually there that stringy objects stop the spinning action. To make sure that it is spinning, turn the vacuum on and lay it down, the brush should be moving several revolutions at a time so that I looks like a blur of movement.

One last point, I would highly recommend a bagless vacuum.

  1. For one, you don’t need to pay for bags. You only need to change the filter every year.
  2. You never have to second-guess if you need to change bags since the dirt container is transparent.
  3. Disposal is easy.
  4. Lastly, it gives tangible, visible proof of cleanliness. I don’t know about you, but I like to see evidence. With cleaning, “You’ve got to see it to believe it!”

So, I urge all the homemakers reading this to make sure that your vacuum is working and consider getting a newer replacement if needed.

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