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There are a couple a shows that I love to watch when my kids are at school. Occasionally, I watch Days of Our Lives. I used to be a “daysaholic.” foldshirt.jpgBut lately, its been getting boring. Now, I’m into watching Oprah and Martha Stewart. They are so much more inspiring and resourceful then soaps.

Bree on the Martha Stewart Show

I remember an episode when Marcia Cross was the special guest on the Martha Stewart Show. They talked about Marcia’s role as Bree Van De Kamp, how it compares to her real life, and how Bree often is compared to “Martha Stewart on Steroids.”

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This month, school started again for my kids. Every time back after a long vacation from studies, be it summer, spring, or winter break, my kids complain that they are still hungry after eating the school lunches that I pack for them every day. Their stomachs get used to good, warm, filling, home cooking during vacation. Quite frankly, I’ve grown tired of hearing their pleas. What else could I give them in addition to the typical sandwich, chips, drink, and fruit? Anything I can think of is too messy or requires a microwave and a refrigerator. I’ve read around for brown bag lunch ideas and the Readers Digest provided a wonderful suggestion: cheese and crackers!

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Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Written on January 23rd, 2006 by blogger
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Last semester, when I was living with my brother, I usually cleaned the house. I didn’t mind it that much. But, there was one thing that I really hated: the vacuum.

Now, I’ve had bad experiences with vacuums in my past. It seems that everywhere I’ve ever lived, be it at home, at boarding school, at my highschool’s work/study program, or at college, I’ve always had to use crappy vacuums, vacuums that wouldn’t pick up anything! The one I used in my brother’s house was no exception to this trend.

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