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Vegetarian Menudo Recipe

Written on October 24th, 2006 by blogger
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pot.jpgSince fall-type weather comes a bit later here in Texas, I have been craving soup for a very long time. I made a pact with myself that on the first cold day (when I have to wear a long sleeve) I am definitely making soup … any soup! I don’t like to make soup the weather is hot because it just doesn’t seem right. And I don’t want to make cold soup because that just sounds weird. I might as well be eating unheated Ramen or Campbell’s.

I decided to make Menudo. I chose this stew because the broth is chili based and chili promotes immunity (which I am lacking as I sniffle and write this article). Menudo is a Mexican soup primarily made of chilies, animal spare parts (like the stomach and intestinal lining, and hominy (a puffy type of corn). I’ve once heard that Menudo is good for curing hangovers. This would have been a perfect dish for drunk Bree.

The thought of using animal spare parts (think ears and noses) make me want to gag. And that’s not very Bree-like is it? So, as usual, I am using vegetarian proteins in place of these “spare parts.”

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Preparing for the Holidays

Written on October 24th, 2006 by Jenna
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Zach: “I’ve never had plum pudding before.”
Bree: “I’m serving it this year for Christmas. I like to try out new recipes before the actual holiday. That way if the cookbook’s gotten it wrong, I can fix it.”
Zach: “You must really like Christmas. You and Mr. Van De Kamp always have the best decorations on your lawn.”
Bree: “I adore the holidays. I never get depressed if there’s a beautifully decorated tree to look at.”

Desperate Housewives – Episode 01.05 – Come in, Stranger

prepare.jpgWe, as consumers, may not notice a thing. But businesses, especially the ones in the retail industry, across the nation are bustling with preparation. Preparing for what? The holidays. Even since the summer they have been getting ready. Right now, they are making finishing touches to their plans. They want to take advantage of the influx of spending that occurs in every holiday season. It starts with Halloween. Then it gets bigger at Thanksgiving. Finally, by Christmas day profits are off the roof.

In the same way, we should be preparing for the holidays. Bree is the epitome of preparedness. She tries her recipes months before the actual event. I know many of us have not done that yet. But it is a good time to start now with the holidays fast approaching. So, go and try that plum pudding recipe!

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