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Fajitas Flambé (Flaming) Recipe

Written on May 28th, 2006 by blogger
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“I remember the easy confidence of her smile the gentle elegance of her hand the refined warmth of her voice.”

Desperate Housewives – Episode 01.03 – Pretty Little Picture

flambe.jpgIf you remember at the beginning of Mary Alice’s traditional narration, there is a scene where Bree displays her “gentle elegance” by pouring alcohol on the dinner entree and lighting it.

I’ve seen this performed once in real life in a Greek restaurant. I ordered a side of flaming goat cheese because it just sounded interesting. The waiter poured brandy on the cheese block and lit it. The subsequent flame quickly consumed the liquor and all that was left was sizzling, browned cheese.

I thought that it would be fun to add a “flambé” entree to my cooking repertoire. A flaming entree brings elegance and grandeur to the dish and exhibits the expertise of the cook.

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