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I was listening to a comedy sketch one morning and the speaker was making fun of people who refill their mega-sized water jugs at the local grocery. Mimicking them, he proudly and staunchly said, ”Look at me I’m sophisticated. I drink purer water than everyone else.” My family may get grocery water every week but we don’t flaunt it around like that. We just want to drink something clean and tasteless.

ro_water.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I filled our three 5-gallon water jugs as usual. But this time, in this hot summer heat, it was just unbearable for me! It didn’t help that I was roasting under the mid-afternoon sun. Even though my kids were there to help me, it was still bad. I felt like a frustrated Lynette!

Later on, I thought about those special faucets at medical facilities. You see them in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, etc. Above the sink, there is a faucet with regular tap water for washing hands and what not. However, on the side, there is sometimes a smaller faucet with lower-pressured purified water. It suddenly occurred to me that there was nothing in the way of having the same installation on my very own kitchen sink!

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In the subculture of Seventh-day Adventism, most of the churches have a weekly Sabbath-afternoon potluck when every family brings a dish and fellowships together. There are a couple of entrees that are unique to Adventists.

cereal.jpgOne of those common dishes is the Kellogg’s Loaf. The main ingredients are cereal, cottage cheese, and eggs. Non-Adventists reading this might be thinking, “What?! Cereal should only be eaten with milk, not with eggs!” You’d be surprised how great this tastes. Best of all, it’s vegetarian!

I was looking for the Adventist variation of this recipe and I found a great one at TAGnet. Unfortunately, the page does not exist anymore. So, the following is the lost recipe with my adjustments. One named Amy Higner submitted the original recipe. Amy, if you’re reading this, I just want to say, “Thanks!”

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