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Basic Indian Curry Recipe

Written on February 24th, 2006 by Jenna
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Last year my husband took me on a cruise to Alaska for our anniversary. It was so much fun and there was so much to do! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for vacation ideas … provided that they have the cash to burn. Carnival Cruise Lines are truly “the fun ships.”cruise.jpg

Cruise Food Choices

Being a cruise passenger newbie, I was in awe of the amount of food! It was then that I learned that Cruises serve free food (sorry, no drinks) 24 hours a day! Every type of dining atmosphere and cuisine is at the passenger’s disposal. You could opt for American, Asian, Mexican, Italian, and even Bree-like gourmet! You could dine in fast food, corner street stand, club, bar, pizzeria, even formal restaurant-style (complete with real maître d’hôtel) atmosphere! Sometimes, this formal venue was so elegant that a tux was required entry for the gentlemen. All this is free service and food 24 hours a day!

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Household Rodent Control Solutions

Written on February 1st, 2006 by blogger
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lynetterat.jpgIn episode 2.02, Lynette was having some convincing Tom that the house was a mess and that his “great system” didn’t work. Every time she pointed it out, Tom let her know that she was no longer in charge of the house, it was his responsibility, and she should not boss him around.

Normally Lynette would have spent a sleepless night telling herself she didn’t have control issues. But she couldn’t. She was too busy figuring out how to bend Tom to her will.

Episode 02.02 – You Could Drive a Person Crazy

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