Simple Car Maintenance and Repair for Women

Written on January 11th, 2006 by Jenna
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womandriving.jpgLadies, lets face it. Most of us do not know a lick about cars. If you’re like me, you let your husband deal with the car troubles. But what if something happens to our husbands? What if they are not around when we have a flat tire or when we suddenly hear a rattling noise in the engine? Do you try to flag a stranger on the highway to help a damsel in distress? Do you raise the radio volume to block out the ominous noises? I know I do! When my husband and I were on the verge of divorce, I wondered who would take care of my car. Should I put my trust in a mechanic who is essentially a stranger to me? I don’t have any car-enthusiast friends. Many reading this probably do not have one either.

I realized that whether or not I have someone to rely on for car issues, it is still important for me to know the basics. For all I know, I could be unknowingly damaging my car every day because of my ignorance or my denial. So, I did what many people do today. I looked for a self-help book at Amazon, Borders, and my local library. Most of what I found was too technical. Other books required previous knowledge on the basics. They were no use to me because that’s what I wanted to know: the basics!

carbook.jpgFinally, I looked at a list of essential books for women on Amazon. Suddenly, this purple book jumped out at me, “The Lady Mechanic’s Total Car Care for the Clueless – A Manual for Car Owners.” It sounded exactly like what I needed! After reading the helpful synopsis and reader reviews I placed my order. Now, I am almost finished with the book and I can say that it is well worth the read! It was written for a female’s perspective. Like many women today, the author, Ren Volpe, was once clueless about cars. That was the reason she became a mechanic. Now she practices her trade and holds car classes for women in her area. Even though this book is targeted to females, I have a lot of male friends who could really use it too. It’s small enough to leave in your glove compartment in case of those “times.” And it is also an easy enough to read. I haven’t been in school for a long time so you can trust me on that! Read the book cover summary below for more details and buy the book! It is a staple for every woman’s car!

This book is for drivers of either sex, who don’t want to change their own oil but would like to know what it means when their oil light comes on. Ren Volpe has written a no-nonsense, easy-to-read how-to book about being a car owner – a book for those who possess no tools and don’t want to get greasy, but need to know the basics about how to deal with owning a car.

Truly for the clueless, this book does not presuppose any previous knowledge – and you won’t get bogged down with technical information you won’t remember anyway. What you do get is just the facts – what to do and when to do it; lights, leaks, noises, and funny smells; finding a good mechanic; buying a used car; and more – all in everyday language with clear illustrations and a little humor thrown in.

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