This month, school started again for my kids. Every time back after a long vacation from studies, be it summer, spring, or winter break, my kids complain that they are still hungry after eating the school lunches that I pack for them every day. Their stomachs get used to good, warm, filling, home cooking during vacation. Quite frankly, I’ve grown tired of hearing their pleas. What else could I give them in addition to the typical sandwich, chips, drink, and fruit? Anything I can think of is too messy or requires a microwave and a refrigerator. I’ve read around for brown bag lunch ideas and the Readers Digest provided a wonderful suggestion: cheese and crackers!

cheese.jpgWhen cheese was invented, it served one specific purpose: to preserve milk over a long period of time. This was because there was no such thing as refrigeration back then. Today, after thousands of years, cheese still proves to stay well without cooling. What’s a couple of hours out of the fridge as compared to a couple of months in a cave?

Cheese is not messy, and it preserves well for hours. Use it for fun, tasty, filling lunch supplements, road trips, or just plain snacks.
If you have any other easy snack/lunch ideas, leave a comment!

Note: I forgot to mention, store hard cheese in foil. It stays longer!

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