There are a couple a shows that I love to watch when my kids are at school. Occasionally, I watch Days of Our Lives. I used to be a “daysaholic.” foldshirt.jpgBut lately, its been getting boring. Now, I’m into watching Oprah and Martha Stewart. They are so much more inspiring and resourceful then soaps.

Bree on the Martha Stewart Show

I remember an episode when Marcia Cross was the special guest on the Martha Stewart Show. They talked about Marcia’s role as Bree Van De Kamp, how it compares to her real life, and how Bree often is compared to “Martha Stewart on Steroids.”

Apparently, Marcia is a total opposite to the character that she plays. So, Martha gave her two lessons in homemaking. She taught her how to cook gourmet eggs with caviar. And she also gave her a tutorial on T-shirt folding.

T-Shirt Folding

When I was watching the T-shirt folding tutorial, from Martha Stewart. I remembered seeing that online. My friends have sent me this chain letter two times already. It is an email with a video of a Japanese woman teaching people the fold clothes neatly and efficiently.

Initially, I thought it was a camera trick. But, when I tried it out myself, it worked just as the video showed!

Read or Watch the Video on Folding Shirts like a Pro!

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