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Vegetarian Minestrone Recipe

Written on February 15th, 2007 by blogger
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It’s another cold day here in San Antonio. I’ve been waiting for another cold front like this for weeks! I look up the weather each week to check what food would be compatible with the temperature and it said this week would be cold. Even the weatherman said it would snow … but I never believe him when he says that! 🙂

Again, since the temperature is 40 F degrees chilly, I decided to make another soup, minestrone. I’ve been craving this soup for a long time. This soup is of an Italian tomato and olive oil base. Its a nice and hearty “comfort soup.” I got the recipe from TechSoup and (as usual) added my special touch to it.

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Vegetarian Menudo Recipe

Written on October 24th, 2006 by blogger
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pot.jpgSince fall-type weather comes a bit later here in Texas, I have been craving soup for a very long time. I made a pact with myself that on the first cold day (when I have to wear a long sleeve) I am definitely making soup … any soup! I don’t like to make soup the weather is hot because it just doesn’t seem right. And I don’t want to make cold soup because that just sounds weird. I might as well be eating unheated Ramen or Campbell’s.

I decided to make Menudo. I chose this stew because the broth is chili based and chili promotes immunity (which I am lacking as I sniffle and write this article). Menudo is a Mexican soup primarily made of chilies, animal spare parts (like the stomach and intestinal lining, and hominy (a puffy type of corn). I’ve once heard that Menudo is good for curing hangovers. This would have been a perfect dish for drunk Bree.

The thought of using animal spare parts (think ears and noses) make me want to gag. And that’s not very Bree-like is it? So, as usual, I am using vegetarian proteins in place of these “spare parts.”

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Vegetarian Mexican Tamales Recipe

Written on September 19th, 2006 by blogger
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74918385_52ec1fbe11_o.jpgPart of being a perfect housewife is knowing how to cook at least one decent dish from every major international culture. This dish is derived from the Latin American. Bree could probably learn a thing or two from the real life Gabriel Solis, Eva Longoria. I read in an interview that she makes to-die-for tamales and enchiladas!

I’ve been adjusting and experimenting with this recipe for a couple of months now. It just took so much time and energy to cook it each time! Each batch got a little better until it was just right. After tonight’s batch of delicious filled corn husks, I am finally ready to post it!

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